I am a Sommelier, Wine Educator and Communicator, Champagne Expert, Wine and Food Pairing Teacher and Wine Consultant.

Above all, I am a passionate Wine lover who likes to speak and write about wine in a simple and direct way, without boring technicality and useless snobbery.

In one word, I write and teach things accessible to anyone.

I was born in Macedonia, a small country in the Balkan region, land full of contrasts and colours. I grew up in the middle of the Tikves wine region, surrounded by vines, cradled by the sweet fragrance of the wine and the pungent smell of the rakija, the typical spirit from the Balkans.

After finishing my studies in foreign languages, I dedicated many years to travelling, meeting new cultures and exploring wines.

I have spent almost 20 years in Italy, learning, eating, drinking: absorbing the amazing Mediterranean verve. It was there I completed my Wine studies, my major in Champagne and my major in Wine and Food Pairing. It was there I started, years ago, to organize tastings, gather people and spread wine culture.

Always thirsty for new challenges, I found myself a few years ago in London, the never sleeping city, as thirsty itself as me. We liked each other, it convinced me to stay.

Thence I settled my activity  of Wine tastings and Wine culture sharing in London, happily.